About Anna

At the age of seven I began decorating my grandmothers Christmas cake. I loved starting with a blank canvas of beautifully smooth white icing and transforming it into something magical. On my 9th birthday I was gifted my very first electric mixer and at 13 started working at my local bakery on Saturdays.

Despite my early love of baking I turned to photography, first studying a foundation course and later working in a photography studio. Then, in my mid 20’s, I realised that my passion for cake decorating had not gone away and I decided to take the plunge and swap my camera for a piping bag. I haven’t looked back since…

I  began creating wedding cakes full time in 2009 and after after six months of working from home and getting flour all over the upholstery I opened my very own cake kitchen. I love having a welcoming and practical space to meet with clients, display my work, and listen to music as loud as I want.

The Cakes

Create the perfect cake for your special ocassion. It starts with a chat over a nice cup of coffee

The cakes

Anna Cake Couture 3 tier wedding cake